Artist Creative Process

Michael utilises a diverse range of techniques and applications, including painting, airbrushing, photography, and digital collage. He maintains an open-minded approach to the creative process, refusing to confine himself to a single technique, application, or medium. His passion lies in experimentation and exploring the impact of shapes and forms, arranging them harmoniously over captivating backgrounds to generate depth and motion.

digital abstract art michael hunter

The digital aspect plays a crucial role in Michael's artistic workflow. He harnesses its power to enhance and refine the marks and textures he has meticulously crafted. By fine-tuning colours and manipulating marks and shapes, he constructs visually arresting and unconventional compositions. Once a design reaches its finalised state, it is preserved as a high-resolution file, primed for printing using the precise colour space employed during creation. The resultant prints are produced with the finest equipment, ink, and papers, all endorsed by the esteemed Fine Art Trade Guild.

deep vibrant digital abstract art

If you desire something exceptional for your home or office, please don't hesitate to reach out to Michael. He eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist you in finding that perfect piece.